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FAB 40 Middle School Showcase | Standouts Pt. 1


Xzavior Wiggins

Camden County Middle School (Camden, NC)

6’2” G | Class of 2025

Video: https://youtu.be/rYlizHgksmU

Xzavior possesses all of the tools that you want to see from the guard position. At FAB 40, he showed a strong ability to defend the full length of the floor. He was able to guard multiple positions effectively and caused several turnovers with his ball pressure. On the offensive end, he started out slow, but he moved very well without the ball. We didn’t get many opportunities to see him create in the pick and roll, but he handled the ball well against pressure defense while showing that he can finish through contact. Despite being in 8th grade, he’s still just 13 years of age. He has a great frame that suggests he’ll become a really strong bodied guard.

Howard Herbert III

Trinity Christian School (Fayetteville, NC)

6’2” G | Class of 2025

Video: https://youtu.be/mX-ZOCDA_ko

Howard made his presence felt immediately once stepping on the floor. He executed a beautiful crossover dribble and attacked the rim on his first possession. In transition, he showed that he is already capable of athletic finishes and can get to top speed in a flash. Off the ball, he showed promise as a catch and shoot player, drilling several three-pointers over the top of the defense. On the defensive side of the ball, he played hard and never gave up on a play, even when giving up a ton of size on switches. It’s no surprise that he’s competing at the varsity level as an 8th grader. As his floor game matures, he could become an excellent varsity contributor sooner than later.

Jiyoun Williams

Conway Middle School (Rich Square, NC)

6’0” G | Class of 2025

Video: https://youtu.be/v0oSvRJTeM4

Jiyoun showed that he can impact a game in multiple ways. From a skill standpoint, he’s got an advanced handle on the ball and a quick release jumper that extends several feet behind the 3-point line. He was able to beat traps with a few crafty moves and he found his teammates when they were open. Defensively, he could improve on his communication with the help defense. With more physical maturation as he continues to grow, he’ll be able to overwhelm a good majority of guards with his length and strong frame. Overall, once his body catches up with his skill level and IQ for the game, he’s going to be a load to handle.


Shayquan Willams

Greene Middle School (Snow Hill, NC)

5’8” PG | Class of 2025

Video: https://youtu.be/o-PqHG87wsk

You’ll be hard pressed to find a player that has a higher motor, quicker feet or a faster pace of play than this kid. He’s an absolute blur on both ends of the floor. Several ball-handlers immediately showed signs of extreme discomfort when he pressured the basketball as he routinely came up with steals. Despite being listed at 5’8”, he was also one of the leading shot-blockers this past weekend, surprising many offensive players with weak-side blocks. As a ball-handler, he routinely got paint touches, making plays for himself and others. In transition, if he wasn’t picked up immediately, you could nearly guarantee that a play would be made. Once the game slows down and he learns more of the nuances that come with being a point guard, Williams will be a vital piece to a winning program at the high school level.


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