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A Way Too Early Intro: Chaise Smith, 5’9” PG, 7th Grade (2026)

LOOK OUT! You are NOT about to read an article that projects a middle school player at the college level or higher. Only in the absolute rarest of occasions is it vital to project a young teenager at the college level or beyond. It’s never really necessary in my personal opinion. As said before, at age 13, kids should still be playing the game of basketball because they love the game and because their friends play too. There is no pressure when you’re doing it for fun. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have a conversation about this young scholar athlete from Chocowinity, NC.

Chaise Smith is a long, lanky and advanced 13 year old student athlete from Chocowinity, NC. Before we dive deeper into what it is about him that stands out on the court, let’s discuss how underrated Beaufort County in general has been throughout history. Nearby Washington High School was recently considered by MaxPreps to have fielded the best high school team ever assembled in the state of NC. Bam Adebayo, a Northside-Pinetown alum, recently made the NBA All-Star team. Former Southside superstar Katisha Hyman just led Fayetteville State University to the CIAA title. What I’m trying to say is, Beaufort County is by no means a stranger to having talent.

Enter Chaise Smith. Whether it be on the ball or off the ball, he can shoot the ball. That’s just the beginning of all the problems he poses for defenses. In addition to the ability to knock down the jump-shot, he has an outstanding feel for the game, a tight handle and next level court vision. His ability to make difficult passes look easy typically pleases the crowds of fan just as much as it pleases the recipients of his dimes. He absolutely will see the open man and deliver pinpoint passes in multiple ways. His length makes him look a lot taller than his listed height and he uses it well when shooting over defenders or passing right over their heads. People absolutely love playing with him.

On the defensive side of the ball, he moves his feet well and doesn’t do a ton of gambling for steals. He stays put on shot fakes and will surprise you with a quick leap and send a shot going the other way even at the point guard position. As he gets older, taller and stronger through the years, he will have a chance to be an absolute terror on the defensive side of the ball. What will really set him apart is his biggest strength, which is constant communication. He’s got size. He’s got skill. He’s got vision. He’s got next.

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