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Coach’s Son: 2025

Despite these youngsters playing for their dads in high school this upcoming season, trust and know that these kids will produce because of their game and NOT because of their name. 

Let’s start off with Derek Ross Jr., freshman point guard at C.E. Jordan High School which is located in Durham, NC. This will be the first year at the helm for his father and having a point guard with the ability of Derek Ross is a huge plus. He’s got impressive ball-handling skills for a rising freshman. Should Ross start out as a varsity player, the way he moves so fluidly with the ball will allow him to adjust quicker than usual to the bumps and bruises that come with playing varsity ball. His court vision is also strong. During the travel ball season, it became a common occurence to watch him throw an unexpected pass through the seams of defenses. Have no doubt, this kid can run an offense.

Next on this list is Kody Frey, combo guard for Apex High School. His head coach and father is Kevin Frey, who is a former professional that starred at Xavier University as a college player. Like the aforementioned Derek Ross, this will be the first year at the helm for Kevin Frey. Now let’s talk about Kody. First, he stands around 6’4” and possesses a deadly quick release jumpshot. Once he gets a shade of space, you might as well add 3 points to the scoreboard. However, don’t make the mistake of labeling him as just a shooter. Frey can put the ball on the floor and get all the way to the basket while finishing through contact. In a few months, quite a few of his drives will be finished with rim rattling dunks that are reminiscent of the one’s his dad used to routinely throw down.

Jacari Brim is no stranger to those that keep up with youth basketball. For years, he’s been a fixture for the well known CP3 travel basketball team. As a freshman, he’ll be playing at Atkins High School for his father, Marlon Brim. Recently, Atkins has been a team to be reckoned with as we’ve seen them finish 24-3 in conference play the last two seasons. Jacari is a player that is believed to be able to step in as a freshman and contribute to a winning program all across the board. He’s 6’1” and has a well rounded game on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he scores the ball quickly while using minimal dribbles. Off the catch, he can rise up quickly for a jumper or he can use his head fake to attack the basket. He also excels at creating for others and is a naturally unselfish player that usually gets the ball back within the flow of the offense. Watch him work.

Finally we have Isaiah Thomas. This might be the most uncommon name in basketball circles. Hopefully you all got that joke. Anyway, this kid out of Goldsboro, NC is a serious prospect to keep an eye out for at Wayne Prep. His dad finished last season as the head coach and as an 8th grader, Isaiah showed a ton of promise as a distributor playing varsity ball. He stands 6’0” tall and has a great frame for a player his age. His combination of size, athleticism, court vision and strength will eventually make him a triple double threat at the varsity level. Some players have a natural feel for the game and a natural talent. Isaiah has both and he lives in the gym. You love to see that. Don’t hesitate to make a trip down to Goldsboro to see him for yourself.

Pictured: Left to Right Top – Kody Frey, Derek Ross Jr. / Left to Right Bottom – Isaiah Thomas, Jacari Brim
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