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A Way Too Early Intro: Jeremiah Glaspie, 6’1” SG, 7th Grade (2026)

BOOM! Now that I have your attention, let me set the record straight. You are not about to read an article that projects a middle school player at the college level or higher. Only in the rarest of cases is it necessary to project a kid who has been a teenager for less than a month. As a matter of fact, it’s never necessary. At age 13, kids should still be playing the game of basketball because they love the game. There is no pressure when you’re doing it for fun. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have a conversation about this young scholar athlete from Washington, NC.

Jeremiah Glaspie is a 13 year old student athlete from Washington, NC. To those that aren’t familiar with the area, it’s the same city that produced former NBA all-time great Dominique Wilkins back in the late 70’s. By no means am I comparing the two. It’s just a point of reference. 

Anywho, upon first glance you will immediately notice Jeremiah on the floor with his age group. His arm length, height and confident demeanor will grab your attention. Once the ball is rolled out, you could call him what many refer to as a “slow cooker” on the offensive end. 

He’s got a knack for scoring the ball. Naturally, he gets to wherever he wants to even with minimal effort. Most recently, in a tough win against a solid opponent, he made one play that stood out from the rest. After garnering a defensive rebound, he took one dribble to his right, crossed over to his left and took one more dribble through contact before he finished a tough contested shot at the rim. You read that right. He only needed 3 dribbles to go the full length of the floor and finish through contact. Combine his raw athleticism with his ability to finish through contact and you’ve got a strong offensive weapon.

Defensively, he maximizes his length even if it’s at a fault. He’s an exceptional weakside shot blocker and has quick hands when he sits down and moves his feet against quick ball handlers. I’m sure you’ve all figured it out by now. This kid has a promising future if he continues to work and enjoy the game. It’ll be interesting to see how much more his long distance shooting and his body comes along over the years. He’s got time. He’s got game. He’s got everything you want in a young scholar athlete. Stay tuned.

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